Teacher Annie Sancho - Hall of Fame Project

Annie Sancho

Please join us to put Teacher Annie Sancho into the BWHESAA-USA, Inc. Hall of Fame by clicking "Donate" below:

In keeping with the Spartan tradition of giving you your flowers while you can appreciate it, and honoring those who paved the way for us to excel, the National Officers of the B.W. Harris Alumni Association are calling on all members, students and well-wishers of Teacher Annie Sancho to contribute to her induction into the Hall of Fame. We are calling on 20 former students and well-wishers of Teacher Sancho to donate $20.00 each to this worthy cause.

Teacher Sancho served the students of B.W. Harris School with distinction and integrity and in honor of her services, we would like to salute and thank her in this public manner by placing her in the BWHESAA-USA, Inc. Hall of Fame.

Please contact 1st Vice National Chair for Programs Daffeh F. Hansford at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 202-340-1270 for further information or to contribute.

Spartans to put Teacher Sancho in the Hall of Fame