Letter from Amanda Harris Wright

B. W. Harris Honors Her Queens

 “Using the Crown to make a difference”

It’s heart breaking to hear stories of girls from home who don’t see how brightly they shine, how worthy of respect they are or how important they are to Liberia and this world. It’s outlandish that these young women are feeling inadequate because they don’t have anyone telling them otherwise so they behave as such. It needs to end.

My dream for years has been to honor our former B.W. Harris Queens for their accomplishments and I am so excited to have finally been given the opportunity. With the honor we’ve been granted, I want us to use our crown for a purpose. As mentors, former Queens promote positive self-esteem that our younger B.W. Harris Queens can emulate. We will have a much-needed positive impact.

After putting forth this idea, it was shared with former queens, who responded affirmatively. With great enthusiasm, we are embarking on this project. We are envisioning that with our mentorship and financial assistance, the queens of the school will in turn:

  • Use their crown to promote, honor and advance the status of other girls attending B.W. Harris
  • Be a part of the association, living in Liberia, and beyond
  • Be encouraged to get involved in community service, such as volunteering at orphanages

We hope this will be the start of something wonderful. It is also in our hope that these young ladies come to see beauty pageants not only as contests, but also as opportunities to make an impact in the community where they reside.

I’d like to extend a special thanks and appreciation to all the former queens for their input and participation and to everyone else who had a part in making this event possible.

Amanda Harris Wright

Event Coordinator and Chairlady Convention 2014

Miss B.W. Harris 1981/1982

Honoring B.W. Harris Former Queens