Joanna Hawah Freeman-Richards, National Chair



Joanna H. Freeman-Richards, Class of 1983, is the National Chair of the Association.

In addition to her duties as National Chair, Joanna is a member Academic and Scholarship, Newsletter, Smart Tech and Web Site Committees, and the the Building Infrastructural Development Task Force. She was the 2nd Vice National Chair for Membership and Public Relations of the Association during 2013-2015, and has served as Assistant National Secretary.

Enrolling at B. W. Harris Episcopal School from 1977-1983 (7th through 12th Grades), she was a member of the Choir, and was Chaplain in the 8th and 9th Grade, where she was nicknamed “Missionary.”

Joanna was previously a member of the Capital Campaign Committee, which is credited with raising the highest amount in the history of the Capital Campaign in 2011. She was a member of the Election Commission in 2011 and member of the Constitutional Drafting and Revision Committee which drafted the Revised Constitution approved at the 2012 Convention

She is member of the Gold Club in the Capital Campaign as one of the highest contributors to the Association.

She was President of the Class of 1983 Reunion Members until her election as National Chair in July 2015. As President of this reunion group, which was established in 2008, she has spearheaded raising and donating over $4,000 by the Class of 1983 Reunion Members to the Alumni Association USA for projects at our Alma Mater.