Academic and Scholarship Committee

Members of the Academic & Scholarship Committee:

Gudrun Harris, National Chair Emerita, Chair

Dr. Qualls Stevens, Co-Chair, Scholarship

Charles L. Hoffman

Jurudoe Harris-Martin

Leuvet Stevens

Dr. Eugenia Burphy

Rosalyn Kai Lewis - Coleman

Maria T. Worjroh-George

Leah Findley-Porter

Famatta J. Lincoln Hubbard

Lemuel Fahngon

Louisa Merchant

Marie Yarsiah Hayes

Melretta Garnett-Herring

Theola Gibson-Hansford

Muriel Wayne

Adolf Sackey, Chair, Scholarship Committee, BWHES Alumni Association, Liberia

Hilary Collins, Principal, B. W. Harris School

Primary Goals of the Academic and Scholarship Committee: The Primary goal of the Academic and Scholarship Committee is to liaise with the B. W. Harris School Administration and Faculty to provide strategic and technical support in order to enhance student and faculty performance in all areas including the West African Examination Council (WAEC). Read More...

Overview of the Scholarship Program: The B W Harris Alumni Association-USA (BWHAA) has been generous in giving back to her Alma Mater in Liberia through various initiatives. Prominent amongst them is the awarding of scholarships and stipends to deserving students every year. Read More...

Goals of the Scholarship Program: To provide our Scholars with meaningful opportunities that will challenge them to reach their full potential as thoughtful, creative, responsible, caring, and productive persons. Read More...

Incentives of the Scholarship Program - Student Incentives: Full Tuition: Full tuition granted for the school year to students with excellent academic performance. This scholarship will be awarded to students who meet the committee’s eligibility requirements. Read more...

Adopt-A-Student Program: The Adopt-A-Student Program will allow members, sponsors, and partners to connect with students at BWHES, in a very caring way. Read more...

Scholarship Program Booklet (Please click here to view)

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