B. W. Harris Episcopal School

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In 1954, Bishop Bravid Washington Harris of the Episcopal Church of Liberia in New York asked Dr. Joseph G. Moore to evaluate the work of the Episcopal Church there. Dr. Moore came to the conclusion that the Trinity Parish Day elementary school and St. Thomas Parish Day secondary school should be consolidated and the programs enriched to better prepare Liberian students for higher and professional vocation at the university level. The Episcopal Church in the United States of America (ECUSA) provided the initial funds to facilitate the consolidation and training. Most of the teaching staffs for both schools were retained and the transition continued throughout the 1950s.

B.W. Harris Episcopal Elementary and Junior High School officially opened on June 29, 1960 under the leadership of Mr. Emmanuel W. Johnson. There were then a total of 250 students in classes through eighth grade. An additional grade was added every year. The school's first graduating class consisted of 6 students in 1966.

An annex building accommodating the science laboratory, library and other facilities was constructed in 1965, funded by a donation of $65,000 from the Episcopal Church Women (ECW) in the United States.

In 1990, the First Liberian Civil War forced the school to close. The buildings survived but a significant portion of the school's infrastructure was looted. The school reopened in 1993 under principal Reverend Father Dee Wellington Bright offering classes to grades 1-9. The kindergarten division was rehabilitated in 1994, as was the grade 10 with additional grades added each subsequent year until the school returned to the 12th grade level.

The school was forced to close down again in 1996 due to fighting in Monrovia. The school facilities were looted. A tutorial program was started in August 1997 and regular classes resumed for the 1997-1998 academic year. In December 1997, Mrs. Gertrude Findley was appointed as Principal. The first class 33 post-war graduates was produced in June 1998.

Past principals of the school include Father Emmanuel Johnson, Father E. G. W. King , Mr. J. Wah-Doe Bedell,  Mrs. Zoe Davis Traub, Mrs. Daisy Ricks, Father J. Jelico Bright, Rev. Robertha Phillips, and  Mr. Anthony Deline.

Beginningin  February 2012 is Mrs. Lurleen King Falla became the first graduate to become principal. She served in that position until 2015.

In 2015, Hilary Collins became the 2nd graduate to become principal of the school, a position he presently holds..

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