Class of 1978


Class Name:   The Fortunates
Class Song: Que Sera, Sera (Whatever will be, will be)
Class Colors: Beige & Brown
Class President: Thomas Grant


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The Class of 1978 History

The Commencement convocation program of December 7, 1978 lists eighty-six graduates (86) of the class of 1978. This is so because some members of the class of1978 participated in the International student exchange program and were attending high school in the USA. Additional research listed the names of 106 members of the class. Ten (10) members are deceased; approximately eighty-five (85) have been identified as residents of the USA; one (1) member lives in Nigeria; fifteen (15) members live in Liberia and four (4) cannot be appropriately placed at this time.

The class emeritus officers are: Thomas Grant, President; Eugene Bedell Sr., Vice President; Verlene Curtis Torchiano, Secretary; M. Deconte Brumskine Ricks, Treasurer; and Eric Yhap Chaplain.

The Class of 1978 list many members that enrolled in B. W. Harris School since kindergarten, with others enrolling at the junior high school level. It is evident that these formative years created the lasting bond members have enjoyed as they approach four (4) decades in 2018.

With many years of regular meetings and benevolent events, class of 1978 profoundly influenced the forming of B.W. Harris National Alumni Association, USA, Inc., with its members developing the organizational structure and constitution of the Association.

As a quarter of the class are honor roll graduates, their diversity has influenced their strength. Many members hailed from nine (9) adjoining counties in Liberia, while most claimed Montserrado as permanent residence.

As most members migrated to the United States, their sense of unanimity persevered to the extent that the Class continues to develop closer bonds. A 40th Reunion Celebration is being planned for 2018.

The class adapted “Que Sera” (Latin) as her class song, which is an adaptation from the popular Doris Day song “ Whatever will be, will be” The Class color is beige and brown.