Class of 1980 Memorial Scholarship Program

The Class of 1980 is actively engaged in promoting students at B.W. Harris Episcopal School and memorializes deceased members of  the Class of 1980 through scholarship program.

*IN MEMORIAM*: Leslie Smith

In 2015, the Class decided to award to deserving students from the community that were not current students at B.W. Harris- assist in furthering their education.

We decided to step outside of the box this time to grant this opportunity to two young people who would otherwise not have the opportunity to attend and institution such as B.W. Harris.

The two students are: 

  1. Forkpayea H. Forkpah  87%
  2. Mera N. Doe 80%

Student Forkpayea H. Forkpah, is the dux for the entire School, 16 yrs of age, been in the school from 7th grade, live with his father, both parents are alive but not working and really in need.

Student Mera N. Doe, has the highest average among all the female, 16 yrs of age, been in the school from 7th grade, live with her mother and both parents are alive. Both of these students are in serious need.

The class of 1980 will support these students from the 9th to 12 grades granted, they meet the academic requirements set forth by the school.

We will also establish a scholarship fund to assist another deserving student. The scholarship will be in the name of our deceased classmates.


Winfred Clarke – President

Bendu Hansford – Vice President

Tara Rainsbury-Hickson – Chaplain

Teloid Scott – Treasurer

Gudrun Harris – Class Liaison



Charlesetta Davies – Scholarship chair

Maa Yoon Clements – Member

Gudrun Harris – Member

Winfred Clarke – Member

Bendu Hansford - Member

Tara Rainsbury-Hickson - Member


Josephine Arku

Winifred Giddings

Geleh Massaquoi