The Texas Chapter

Current Officers of the Texas Chapter

President: Naweh Scott

Vice President: John Wrieme

Treasurer: Tata Sherman 

Secretary: Vacant

Chaplain: Ada Collins

Representative to the Executive Board: Rachel Greene-Grigsby

Representative to the Executive Board: Grace Smith-Brown

Highlights of the Texas Chapter following Reactivation in 2012

  • Reached out and connected to a membership base of 40 Spartans in the State of Texas.
  • Paid assessment fees within the deadline of June 15th.
  • Registered 15 Spartans for the 2012 Convention during first year of reactivation of the chapter.
  • Registered 17 Spartans for the 2013 Convention during the second year following reactivation.
  • The chapter was awarded the Chairman’s Medal of Honor and a Project Award.
  •  The chapter financed the purchase of five Audio Listening Centers with 30 headsets for the school through the Texas Chapter-M. Fahnbulleh Jones and Alliette Benson Jones Star Project.
  • The chapter was awarded a Presidential Award in 2013.
  • The chapter was awarded a Board Registration Appreciation certificate in 2013.
  • The chapter was awarded the Membership Committee Award in 2012.
  • The chapter hosted two events in both the Houston and Dallas areas realizing $2,500 in fundraising.


In 2000, The Texas Chapter became one of the new chapters of the Association, encompassing Spartans from Houston and Dallas. According to convention records, the Texas Chapter had 40 members. In 2001, the Texas Chapter hosted the 9th Convention in Houston, Texas under the leadership of President Jehu Brandy. The theme was "Looking Beyond the Inevitable."

After 2002, unfortunately the Texas Chapter became inactive. ­­­In 2011, Spartans led by Yuku Stewart indicated an interest in reactivating the Texas Chapter. On October 24, 2011, the National Association worked with the interested members consistent with established Guidelines ­and the Constitution, which resulted in the reactivation of the chapter.

In 2012, under the leadership of the National Chair, Gudrun Harris, the Texas Chapter was officially reactivated, and elections were held, officiated by Cllr. Mohamedu F. Jones. In addition to National Chair Harris, 2nd Vice National Chair Ms. Georgina Roy Akins Briggs and Tri-State Board Member David Moore, Chair of the Membership Committee were instrumental in assisting with the reactivation of the chapter.