National Leadership

The Executive Board
The Executive Board is responsible for managing the affairs of the B. W. Harris Episcopal School Alumni Association-USA, Inc. between Conventions. Actions of the Executive Board must be consistent with the Constitution and Bylaws and with pertinent decisions of the Convention.

The Executive Board comprises the National Officers, the President of each Chapter, two Representatives to the Executive Board from each Chapter, and former elected National Chairs of the Association. Once appointed, Assistant National Officers shall have full voice and vote in the Executive Board in the event they are acting in place of a National Officer who is not in attendance.

National Officers
The National Officers are responsible for administering the affairs of the Association. National Officers are elected to hold office for a term of two years and cannot be reelected for more than two consecutive terms for the same office. A National Officer who has already served two terms in an office may be elected again to that office only after a lapse of two years.

The current National Officers of the B. W. Harris Episcopal School Alumni Association USA, Inc. are:

Albertha Kamah Gillespie

National Chair

Margaret Deconte Brumskin-Ricks Deconte Brumskin-Ricks

First National Vice Chair for Programs

Wanda Bropleh

Second National Vice Chair for Membership and Public Relations

Melreta Garnett-Herring

National Secretary


National Treasurer


National Financial Secretary

Mary Barker

National Chaplain