Class of 1981

Class of 1981b 

 Class of 1981

Motto: UJAMAA (Togetherness)

Class Color: BEIGE & BROWN

Our class as so many others, comprised of a variation of characters. We had our Joker, Philosopher, Drama Queens and of course the Teacher’s pet.

This class would become “UJAMAA” meaning ‘’Togetherness’’ under the leadership of its President Mr. Tabioh Yuoh, and his dynamic team of officers. Samuel Cummings served as Sr. Senator and the late Toniecroft Findley served as Jr. Senator.

We saw a lot of changes in the dynamics of our class. Acquiring two of the youngest and brilliant minds of that era, Cllr. Tilman Nickey  Dunbar and George K  Fonderson. 

It was great to have the intensity and competition. Our class had Potential, Innovation and Inspiration thriving amongst us.

With the pressure on a lot of us to succeed, the competition was intense amongst 12A & 12B at the end of the year George was the Valedictorian and Charles K. Reeves was our Salutatorian. We lost some of our class mates along the way due to unforeseen circumstances; we saw a lot of changes on the path we had established.

We uploaded and unloaded along the way, yet we maintained a full course of laughter, joy, sadness and togetherness as we traveled our course. We crossed path with great Instructors such as Mr. Varfley, the late Papa Yang, Cllr. Cyril Jones, Mr.Sawo., Mr. Prince Karr and the late Mr.Nie just to name a few.

Yes, this class had its trial and tribulations. It should be noted that all in all we stood our ground together. We lost a member of this dynamic class very early in our Senior year,(Summer Wright). A chaotic start for us, yet we threaded the water well. 

Yes! At the end of our great passage thru the vineyard of B.W.H, it was not remotely surprising that this class had a turnout of students from five-six different high schools checking out who was going thru to the world unknown.

Most importantly, a milestone year for UJAMAA that produced the second female Student Council President in school History.  Konner Dennis was elected in a land slide victory.  Her leadership structured the concept of an Open Door Policy with our Administrators. With the guidance of our Administrative staff giving us the steady path we threaded, we were encouraged, motivated and instilled with the passion to succeed .Thanks to them!

Finally, we as a class celebrated our 30th reunion in 2011 in Maryland USA dedicating our Reunion to the Fallen Heroes of our Class. 

The class continues to be organized and presently contributes to the growth and development of the school through providing scholarships and supporting other programs of the B.W.Harris Alumni Association USA.

Long live the Class of 1981 (UJAMAA), Long live the B.W.Harris High School.


Class of 81

The class leadership  today.

  1. Konner Dennis-President
  2. Henrietta Thomas-Vice President
  3. Taryonnoh Roberts Gray-Secretary
  4. Rose Mensah-Massaquoi-Financial Secretary
  5. J.Wleabo Walker, II-Treasurer
  6. Villette Brown-Smith-Chaplain