Metro Chapter

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The Washington D. C. Metro Chapter covers the States of Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia. Metro is the "convention capital" of the Association, having hosted the first convention in 1993, as well as four others in 1998, 2002, 2008, and 2015, more than any other chapter.

Current Officers  
Tayonnoh Roberts Gray President
Enid Brisbane-Andrews 1st Vice President for Program
Stanlia Wilson 2nd Vice President for Membership
Rosalyn Kai-Lewis Coleman Secretary
Addo Davies Treasurer
Villette Brown Smith Financial Secretary
Comfort Chenoweth Warner Chaplain
J. Saba Kla-Williams Representive to the Executive Board
Mona B. Diggs Representive to the Executive Board


DC Metro has undertaken major projects such as purchasing books for the school’s library, installing flat screen laptops for the computer lab, providing projectors for every classrom, and re-modeling the floor of the school's auditorium. The chapter is committed to continuing to make significant contributions to the academic program and physical environment of the school.

Metro hosts one major fundraisers each year. The primary fundraiser hosted by the chapter each year is the Very Rev. Dr. Emmanuel W. Johnson Honoring Program in the Falr. The Fr. Johnson program identifies and honors individual and organizational accomplishments in the community and represents the chapter's major outreach into the larger community, beyond alumni members. With funds raised from this program, the chapter is able to meet its obligations to the Association and undertake special projects for the benefit of the school.

Past Presidents of Metro

Irving Boayue

Varney Coleman

Esther Richards-Freeman

Horatio Bernard

Bendu Hansford

Mohamedu F. Jones

Roseline Sims

Patricia Gibson

J. Wleabo Walker II

Mona B. Diggs