PennDel Chapter

The 9th and youngest chapter of the B. W. Harris Alumni Association-USA, Inc., was chartered on October 2, 2010. It encompasses the states of Pennsylvania, Delaware, Northern Maryland and Southern New Jersey.

Current Officers:

Berma Findley                                         President

Hawa Kamara                                         1st Vice President

Thelma A. Y. Collins                                Treasurer & Financial Secretary

Vacant                                                      Secretary

Juliana North Boyd                                   Chaplain

Charles A. Coleman                                 Executive Board Representative

Victoria Ogama Benson Coleman            Executive Board Representative

Past Presidents, Highlights & Historical Milestones:

  • Alfred Y. K. Major [Oct 2010-2012]
    ~ 2010, October 2, PennDel was chartered as the 9th chapter of the B. W. Harris Alumni
       School Alumni Association-USA, Inc.

~ 2011, August 13, PennDel hosted the association’s 1st Flag Day Soccer Tournament & Queen
   Contest Fundraisers.

  • Thomas H. Grant [Jan 2013 – Nov 2014]

~ 2013, July 5-7, PennDel hosted the 21st Annual Convention.

~ 2014, May 3rd, PennDel hosted its first Major Annual Program, the Cllr. Cyril Jones Honoring
   Program. PennDel was the first chapter with an annual program named in honor of a graduate
   of B. W. Harris Episcopal School.

Maesah D. Nelson [Nov 2014 - Dec 2018]